Hi, I'm

Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin

I’m a world wide bestselling author from Sweden.

In 1978 I was born and raised in a small town in Sweden. Early on I discovered that I love to help people and make people happy. When I discovered personal development at the age of 20 my life changed drastically. I spent all days listening to tapes, CDs and read books about how to live a happy and successful life.

I quit my job and started to study psychology, leadership, pedagogies, drama and rhetoric at Swedish universities for six years. At the same time I started my company and began to help people with personal challenges, mostly via coaching and later on mostly by teaching at companies and universities.

Create your future, 2006, was my first book that got published and my career as an author had began. After that I have continued to write books in different genres with personal development and psychology as common denominator.

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep, is a bedtime story that has been translated to many languages and helps children all over the world to relax and fall asleep.